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SU Podium – A Plug-in for SketchUp

SU Podium V2 is a photo-realistic rendering plug-in for SketchUp Pro, Free, Win/Mac. SU Podium V2's superior raytracing and global illumination technology provides you with high quality images while retaining SU Podium's famous simplicity. Cadalog Inc. is official maker of series SU Podium and also other photo realistic renderer plugins like SU Animate, PodiumWalker Beta, EditInPlace etc. There are few versions which have been releasing since SU Podium is launched and now it has come out with its latest SU Podium Version 2.11 for both Windows and Mac. This new version works with both Google Sketchup free and Pro as well.

The SU Podium V2 has advance rendering technology producing even higher resolution images with realistic reflection and light quickly without having advance knowledge of rendering technique for anyone. 

Podium – A Plug-in for SketchUp Podium – A Plug-in for SketchUp
SU Podium Sample Podium for Interior

The characteristics of the Sketchup plugin includes:

  • Works inside Google SketchUp 7 or 8, Free or Pro, Mac or Windows
  • Works with SketchUp textures, sky, background colors, shadows, groups and layers
  • Material properties applied globally to SketchUp textures
  • Automatic material (magic) properties for SketchUp standard materials - "render right out of the box"
  • High quality raytracing engine
  • Advanced Global illumination
  • Physical sky with depth and turbidity

Apart from its mentioned features, there is lot more option which enables you to setup or simplify your environment and image resolution attributes. The SU Podium V2 has recently updated to 2.11 which has enormous advantage over resolution size. There is unlimited resolution size for the rendered images for the full paid version but limitation in trial version. Few fixed resolution size is already there e.g. 230X150, 640X480, 1024X768, 2048X1536, 3076X2304, 4076X3304, Wide screen resolutions of 852X480, 1600X900, 1920X1080. It also gives you the option to choose PNG/JPG/HDR as saved image formats.

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