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SketchUp FAQS

Who and where are your customers?

All our customers are from outside India and most of them are American or European. We have done work for publishers, machine manufacturers, real estate developers, magazines as well as individual entrepreneurs.

♦ Manufacturers & distributors of industrial machinery.
♦ Developers of industrial processes.
♦ Developers of industrial training & orientation programs
♦ Advertising firms who need to communicate features and benefits.
Why should I select SketchUp4architect to do this work?

We guarantee your satisfaction or we will return your money. We can start with a paid pilot project and if you are not completely satisfied, we will give you a full refund.

What are the skills and talents of your SketchUp team?

We prefer to take projects that require a combination of artistic talent and engineering knowledge. Since we have artists who can add an aesthetics touch, we specialize in SketchUp services that are more artistic.

WTell me something about your company?

Global Associates has been providing Google Sketchup services in various sector for 4 years to the international clients. Its strong and dedicated team is one of the best in India. Our team includes professional person like architects, civil engineers and CAD professionals.

Why build a model?

Most people struggle to understand a 2D blueprint and models can be immensely helpful for clarifying design concepts. This saves time and identifies misconceptions much earlier in the process. The most powerful example is when a roof is removed and interior floor layouts can be seen.

I like 3D renderings, why should I build a model?

Computer visualizations are impressive. However, the audience is still limited by viewing something in two dimensions. There are two benefits to building a physical model:

Superior Understanding: Being able to walk around a model and peer down a potential sidewalk or remove the roof to examine the den layout builds an emotional connection that a computer screen or rendering can’t. There is just something intangibly powerful about seeing a scale miniature of a real-life idea.
Emotional: For some reason, people love to see miniature objects at scale and it helps develop an emotional connection with an idea. We have found it's tough to get this reaction off of just renderings alone.

How do I change my working space from 2D to 3D?

2D and 3D views are just the same file viewed differently.

If you are starting with a 2D view, you start in Top view with the red and green axis shown and a white background. The blue axis is there but is viewed from the end. When in 2D view, orbit to rotate the model to see it in 3D.

When in 3D, choose the top view (or any other standard view) from the "Camera" menu to obtain a 2D view. You may disable perspective for a more typical looking 2D view.

Use the Styles window to choose the background color and many other parameters.

When you open a saved file, you start with the view as it was when you saved the file. For new drawings, you start with another SketchUp file, the default template. SketchUp 5 has a default template that starts with a 2D view. SketchUp 6 has a default template that starts with a 3D view with all three axis shown, a colored background, and the Bryce (human figure) component.

Click "Window" > "Preferences" > "Template" to change the default template. You may also browse to your own SketchUp file to set as your new default template or add your own file to the Templates folder to add it to the Drawing Template list

What are Ruby Scripts and Plug-ins?

Back in SU4, SketchUp added the ability for outsiders to develop extra functionality for SketchUp in the Ruby programming language. Whether they are called ruby scripts, plug-ins or add-ons, they all expand SketchUp functionality beyond its built-in abilities. The difference between the correct word usage seems to depend on the magnitude of the developer's effort. Ruby scripts can be any thing from short snippets of code to more elaborate tool development. But you cannot go wrong by referring to them collectively as 'plug-ins'.

Extensions - You can recognize by the extension abbreviation at the end of the file name - *.rb. To use plug-ins and other Ruby tools written by Google - like Sandbox and Dynamic Components - extensions have to be enabled. SketchUp's Plugins menu is missing when the program is first installed. To use these extra tools for the first time, Ruby Script Examples need to be checked in the program's System Preferences menu. But unless you want to limit how many things load when when SketchUp open, check all the boxes in the Extensions menu.

♦ PC: Window > Preferences > Extensions
♦ Mac OS X: SketchUp > Preferences > Extensions

Some of the plug-ins which add toolbars will show up in the Extensions menu when they are installed. Usually they will be written so its extension is pre-checked and the toolbar will load when the program is opened. But sometimes that may not happen. So you may need to visit the Extensions menu to see if everything you want is toggled on. And if a toolbar is still missing, go to the View menu > Toolbars.

Installation - There is a Ruby Scripts introduction and installation guide on the Google SketchUp homepage. And here is another one:

Several professional developers use installers to load files in the right places. But most of the plug-ins require you to place them in the correct program folders yourself. Unless a developer instructs you to do otherwise, most of the Ruby scripts, plug-ins, and add-ons live in the Program's Plugins directory. Place the files in the following directories:

Windows: C:/Program Files/Google/Google SketchUp 7/Plugins
Mac OS X: 'Hard Drive'/Library/Application Support/Google SketchUp 7/SketchUp/Plugins

Some scripts come with several files and folders. They all go in the Program's Plugins directory shown above. Do not create any subdirectories of your own to contain script files and folders.

How do I Make a library?

New component libraries can be added through the Details Menu, to the right of the drop-down context menu - that odd-looking arrow. Your new library can be saved to your preferred file location. It does not need to be saved in the SketchUp program file directory.

In SketchUp 6 a second browser window was added to the Components Palette. That allows you to drag and drop any In Model component into an existing Library or a new, custom Library. A component dragged into such a Favorite Library will be available in subsequent SketchUp sessions.

You also can redistribute components between Libraries. Open different Libraries in each browser window from the drop-down context menu. And drag and drop components from one Library into another. Right-click and delete to remove unwanted components.

The Materials and Styles palettes have a similar arrangement for creating custom libraries.


♦ While you are here, be sure to explore the right-click context menu options available to each component shown in the browser.
♦ The context menu items for the In Model components and all the other Library components are not the same. The Libraries are storage facilities, so it does not have all the editing features as the components used in a model.
What is the turn-around time?

Once the CAD file is prepped, it’s usually a matter of a few days depending on the quality and size of the requested model. Massing models for design meetings can be done in a matter of hours. Finished presentation models with site contours and landscaping features obviously take a bit longer.

Is accuracy a challenge?

The features in your design can be polished to 1/16th” accuracy for any shape. Typically, parts beyond this can be represented through other materials (for example, using wiring to represent cables). Curves, cylinders, or any organic shape that is modeled in your CAD program can be reproduced. See our gallery for examples of what can be built for architecture models.

How rugged are the models?

Each model is finished with an agent that allows it become incredibly hard to preserve the integrity of the features. After this, the models can be handled and even passed around a meeting. While we don’t recommend you drop them, they have been known to survive a decent crash or two.

How big of a model can be built?

The scale is up to you. We’ve seen examples of 5 feet tall skyscrapers with incredibly intricate exterior features built for developments, complete with interior lighting.

How expensive is this service?

The biggest variable in the cost is the preparation of the CAD file. We can work with your team to make the transition of going from the computer to our equipment much easier over time and thus cut down the cost. Typically, a finished presentation model is roughly 15-18% less than a traditional hand-built model and completed in about 1/6th the time.

What is the order process?

Once we have your CAD file we use a few software tools to estimate things like raw materials, build time, and file preparation needs. From here we can provide you with a quote for the quality of the model you’re looking to build. Our goal is to make the modeling process as easy and efficient as possible and work alongside you to exceed your customer’s expectations. Everything is managed online through our project management solution.

Can I pay with a credit card?

Of course. We use Google Checkout to accept most major credit cards. An invoice is emailed directly from which you can click over and pay. A copy PDF is also sent for your records. Upload a file, approve the quote, click for payment, and the model arrives at your office

Online management?

You bet. We set up all our clients with a user name and login and they are able to track the progress of their project 24 hours a day. Assign tasks, ask questions, leave messages, view pictures, and upload CAD files, it can all be managed through our website.

Our goal is to make the process of going from the digital to the physical EASY. Cutting-edge online tools allow you to manage the project, track progress, upload design changes, all from the convenience of your desk.

Free quotes?

Sure. Give us a call @ (US toll free at 866 493 4944) or email us at and let us know what you’re trying to accomplish. We’ll take a look and have a figure to you usually within 24 hours.

100% Satisfaction?

We’re a small business, as are many of our clients. If our clients can’t sell their vision then we don’t prosper either. We pride ourselves on the quality of our work, the ease of the process, and ensuring we’re going above and beyond to make a 3D vision come alive. We will work with you to ensure you are 100% satisfied with your model.

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