WinDoor+ for sketchup for creating & editing doors

Francis Mc Shane, the renowned architect, has developed WinDoor+ for sketchup. This sketchup extension supports SketchUp 2016 and SketchUp 2017. This extension is available in English, French and German languages.

WinDoor+ is the combination of two powerful extensions i.e. Window+ and Door+. They both develop prevailing window and can be used for generating & editing door.

WinDoor+ is specifically created for building designers to produce and edit good-looking, well proportioned rectangular windows and doors efficiently.

WinDoor+ is utilized to generate complicated rectangular windows and doors instantly as well as edit them to appear similar to the windows and doors in the catalogue for your project by facilitating the users to modify the doorframe, door leaf and window profile sizes, glass/panel thickness and glass/panel retaining detail size. With the application of an easy and natural panel division algorithm, the extension can facilitate the users to divide the door leaf or window into any panel arrangement as per your choice.

Door+ allows the rapid formation of single, double and cottage doors. Door leafs range from plain or framed.

Both Window+ and Door+ can produce BIM data like profile lengths and glass and panel areas.

To download the plugin, go through the following link WinDoor+

WinDoor+ for sketchup for creating & editing doors