Skimp ? The newest sketchup extension to import high-poly models rapidly

Mind.Sight.Studios released skimp, a new powerful import extension that can be used to import high-fidelity models into SketchUp rapidly and easily.

This sketchup extension supports SketchUp 2018 and SketchUp 2019.

It is specifically designed for Interior Designers, Architects, Game Developers, Landscape Architects / Civil Design etc.

Skimp for SketchUp Features:

Get rid of slow, bloated models! Skimp retains your model light and prompt by streamlining it to the correct balance of detail and performance.

Choose any object in your SketchUp model, streamline and restore.

Import and decimate models with numerous faces instantly. Skimp can import FBX, OBJ, STL, DAE, 3DS, PLY, and VRML.

Perfect metric-based simplification.

It is possible to truly preview the model prior to importing with the purpose of modifying the scale, orientation as well as minimizing the polygons.

Skimp can significantly lower the size of your SKP file with some simple mouse clicks whereas retaining the visual appearance of the model.

It is exceptionally rapid and effective for both importing and polygon diminution.

It can sustain model hierarchy.

With skimp, it is possible to identify a metric-based tolerance while simplifying that is useful for CAD / CAM and 3D Printing applications.

Preserve Materials, UVs, and Normals at the time of importing and simplifying.

Skimp ? The newest sketchup extension to import high-poly models rapidly