SketchUp-Collab ? The newest sketchup extension

AMC Bridge develops SketchUp-Collab, an exclusive sketchup pluigin that creates bi-directional connection among SketchUp? and Autodesk? A360. This sketchup plugin is compatible with SketchUp 2017, SketchUp 2018.

SketchUp-Collab shows how to handle documents (preserving, registering, recovering) in A360 directly from SketchUp. Besides, Resource Settings and Property Mappings for SketchUp in A360 can also be retained.

The primary features of the plugin are given below :-

* Sign in/out A360 with SketchUp

* Make a project in A360 with SketchUp
* Upload a file from SketchUp to A360
* Preserve a SketchUp file in A360
* Recover a file from A360 to SketchUp
* Register Document Hierarchy to A360

Go through the following video tutorial to gather more information about the plugin.

Video Source AMC Bridge

SketchUp-Collab ? The newest sketchup extension