Some useful tricks to utilize skatter plugin in sketchup

In this sketchup tutorial, you will learn the functionalities of skatter plugin in sketchup. The tutorial focuses on the following sections :-

1. Distribution
2. Uniform
3. Grid
4. Vertices
5. Faces centers

It is a robust scattering extension for sketchup to render numerous vegetation, instantly populate city blocks, generate parametric assemblies, crowds, carpets etc.

By applying ?Render only? feature, one can deliver all the scattering information directly to the render engines, skipping Sketchup. In this way, it is possible to retain a lightweight and responsive file whereas still rendering huge amounts of objects.

The users can return back and edit your work at any time. Every option and parameter is saved, so it is not necessary to delete everything and restart from beginning.

Produce huge grass fields with simple mouse clicks. Besides the default grass, trees, bushes, gravel, rocks and more, the users will be able to save their own presets for reapplication, and allocate them with others.

To download skatter, click on the following link

Video Source: Lindal? - Skatter & Transmutr

Some useful tricks to utilize skatter plugin in sketchup