Shape Fitting for sketchup ? The newest sketchup plugin

Mike Basil, the renowned freelance content creation tools developer, has created Shape Fitting for sketchup. This sketchup extension only supports sketchup 2016.

Shape Fitting plugin sets a Quadrilateral (Quad) polygon to the assigned input polygon. This sketchup plugin is developed on the basis of Park Generator, another useful sketchup plugin that assumes a quad as an input region once the Grid rule is enforced. At present, a quad is produced with one only method that calculates the Oriented Bounding Box (OBB) or Minimal Rectangle. The method is dependent on GTE library.

The source code of the plugin can be found at GitHub!

Method of application:

1. Generate different types of polygons like circles, hexagons or custom-drawn.
2. Choose faces of the polygons.

3. In the menu opt for Shape Fitting.
4. The Fitting Quads (presently OBB only) will be included for each of the selected shapes.

Download Shape Fitting

Shape Fitting for sketchup
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