Shaderlight 2018 Rendering Plugin is available for sketchup 2018

Shaderlight Limited launched new Shaderlight 2018, the powerful rendering plugin for SketchUp 2018.

Shaderlight refers to an interactive rendering plugin for SketchUp with flock of features like user-friendliness, real-world materials and exact lighting results as well as cloud-rendering for animation work that can then be observed through the Shaderlight Cloud Viewer.

There is a 14-day trial of Shaderlight Pro, with all features validated. After that trial period, it defaults to regular Shaderlight but is still operational. Pro features comprise of SketchUp Scene animations, Replace Me Rendering, Replace Me Creation, and various lighting features along with support for IES profiles to allow realistic renders of manufacturers lights.

The pro version also comprises of custom backgrounds and physical sky. Most significantly, images produced with the free version only render to 640?480 resolution, whereas the pro version supports considerable resolution limits.

New Features in 2018:

Besides, supporting the latest version of SketchUp, it is possible to render soft shadows with IES light profiles. Shaderlight 2018 supports a new translucent material that can be applied for rendering large bodies of water or thick, solid glass objects.

Availability and Cost: Shaderlight 2018 in the pro version will cost 299.USD. Upgrades can be done for older versions. It is accessible for both macOS and Windows operating systems. There are also networking licensing options, educational and timed access options.

Link for download

Shaderlight 2018 Rendering Plugin is available for sketchup 2018