SentioVR for Sketchup ? The newest web based sketchup plugin

SentioVR is a web platform to deliver 3D models in Virtual Reality efficiently for making demonstration to client.

SentioVR facilitates the architects and designers to produce a free account as well as upload 360 renders which are exported from 3D models and make interactive experiences and transfer their clients within their designs with Virtual Reality devices

Plugin to view Sketchup 3D models in Samsung Gear VR

This Sketchup plugin allows the users to directly upload their 3D models to the cloud, fix the scale of observing the model and present it in Samsung Gear VR for a virtual reality experience.

The clients can view the details of the model in 360, look at any point in the model to teleport to the new position and experience your design naturally devoid of any supplementary coding or rendering softwares.

To apply the plugin, you should require the following:

1) Active account on
2) Samsung Gear VR to view your 3D model in VR

Watch the online demonstration of the plugin.

Video Source: SentioVR

SentioVR for Sketchup ? The newest web based sketchup plugin