Features of Sandbox Bonus Tools 2.0.2

The Sandbox Bonus Tools is developed by Cadman to include the functionality of the Sandbox tools. It simplifies the process for working with terrain all through the design stage.

This newest extension is compatible with SketchUp 2014, SketchUp 2015, SketchUp 2016, SketchUp 2017, SketchUp 2018, SketchUp 2019.

The Project Mesh tool shows a regular surface grid onto a selection. The new surface grid belongs to a quad face mesh and is well matched with quad face tools. Choose the surface or objects upon which a grid mesh should be arranged.

1. Provide the size required for each square of the mesh grid. Put a negative number (except units) to subdivide the extents of the grid by that number.

2. Indicate the direction, the mesh is required to be projected onto (Top, Bottom, Front, Back, Left, Right).

3. Provide a number for a shard factor.

Since a grid is draped over an unequal shape, the length of each triangle is expanded greater than the base square size indicated in step #1. With more stretch the projection surface or objects become steeper. The shard factor specifies a multiplier of the base square size away from which the triangle will be removed from the draped grid. The default is 0 (no triangle should be removed despite of edge length). A number of 2.5 is a standard limit for steep slopes. For most landscape drapes, depart the shard factor at the default of 0.

The Foam Core tool performs sequential push pull operations upward on selected faces, increasing each following push-pull with the user specified increment distance.

When a negative number is provided, the tool will push the contour surfaces (levels) downward. This tool forms a ?layer cake? version of terrain out of contour surfaces.

The Hoola Hoop tool forms Contours around a selection set of surfaces and objects. Choose the objects or surface, then

1. Put the type of contouring to be executed: either Interval or Number. Interval belongs to the contour interval. Number sets the total number of contour lines to produce equally across the entire depth of the surface or objects.

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2. Put a Value. For Interval put a distance, for Number put the total number of contours required.

The Drop Downward tool places (drops) every item of a selection of groups and components downward in the blue direction onto the model. Choose the objects to drop downward. All through the drop, the elected objects will not drop onto one another. The objects will land on the first part of the model they run into.

The Set to Elevation tool shifts all objects in a selection to a symmetrical elevation. Choose the objects to shift. Then provide the elevation value to where it is required to shift them.

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Features of Sandbox Bonus Tools 2.0.2