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SketchUp is the best tool in the market. By using this tool users can create 3D-based models. SketchUp is a 3D-based computer-aided software program. this software is used in architecture, design, engineering sites. It is mainly used to help architects, designers.

The software released in August 2000. The available operating systems are Windows 7, OS X 10.9. The supported languages are the English Language and French language. SketchUp Free is the free version. There is another free version of SketchUp, SketchUp for Schools. Trimble Inc. is the owner of SketchUp software. There are many paid versions of SketchUp are available in the market.

Advantages of SketchUp

  • It can Visualize the ideas.
  • It can create 3D based workspace.
  • Textures are very good.
  • Lighting effects are various and excellent.

Features of SketchUp

Graphic engine

This SketchUp helped the clients by supporting high dpi high goal screens. Along these lines, clients had the option to see their models and tasks in better clearness. The delivery time was substantially less than some other delivering programming and was more reasonable.

The framework of designs expanded the limit and joined with other SketchUp items like mine. SketchUp, the SketchUp versatile watcher, format, and 3D distribution center. Along these lines, all the SketchUp items performed snappier and better and were additionally viable for bigger showcases.

The transparent effect

SketchUp had the option to deal with different delivering at a time. After that, it performed smoother than the past rendition, SketchUp 2016. Furthermore, you could now change the straightforwardness level of x-beam see.

The drawing tools

There was diverse improvement like line, square shape, and circular segment occurred in SketchUp 2017. Clients could bolt off the hub to another surface.

The counterbalance instrument is totally patched up to be more astute enough with the goal that it didn't hit converging or covering math. This worked in Layout as well. Gracious, yes – clients utilized the balance device in Layout whenever.

Another derivation had been set up in SketchUp that will permit clients to attract something opposite to a face. That implies now the line stood straight up from the surface with no messing around.

The Four editions of SketchUp

1. SketchUp Web
2. SketchUp Shop
3. SketchUp Pro
4. SketchUp Studio

SketchUp is suitable for

1. Small business.
2. Medium business.
3. Enterprise.

RpWallMaker is a free plug-in for SketchUp software. Users can use this plugin to create 3D-based walls, edit them and cut holes in them. Users can generate the custom walls by drawing the centerline of the wall in SketchUp.

Download and installation process

1. Users first have to click the “proceed” option for downloading a copy of RpWallMaker.
2. Then they have to click the “Click to install” option for installation after downloading the ZIP file.
3. At last, users have to select the RpWallMaker from the plugin menu after starting SketchUp.


A) Define and Place Wall

1. At first, users have to click the “Define and Place Wall” icon on the toolbar.
2. After that users have to set width and heights.
3. Then they have to select points for the centerline of the wall.
4. Users may use the Value Control Box for entering the exact lengths after starting the wall in the proper direction.

B) Cut an Opening

1. Users first have to select an opening on the wall
2. Then they have to right-click on the opening and select Cut Opening in Wall
3. Next, they have to is cut through the opening of both faces of the wide wall.
Empty opening
4. They have to click the cut an Opening icon on the toolbar.
5. Then they have to set the width and height of the opening as desired.
6. After that, they have to click Place and place the opening cursor on the wall.
7. Finally, The opening is cut through both faces of the wide wall.
To edit a wall

To edit a wall, users have to right-click on the wall and select 'Edit Wall’. Users can change the height or width of the wall. If users have to erase the wall and place it again to change the end conditions.

C) Turn 3D layer on

D) Turn the 3D layer off

Wrap up

In this article, we discussed what is Sketchup, the advantages of SketchUp, the features of SketchUp, the four editions of SketchUp, download and installation process of SketchUp elaborately.

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Rpwallmaker - The Free Plugin for SketchUp