Prospect 2.3 ? The newest Navisworks Plugin (Beta)

IRISVR launched Prospect 2.3, the newest Navisworks Plugin (Beta).

Now it becomes easier to check Navisworks models in VR with a single mouse click, accomodate multiuser QA/QC meetings, and coordinate with trades remaining in the office or job site.

Move through Doorways Intuitively

Rather than opening all the doors in your native desktop model prior to launching VR, you will be able to move through doors from within VR by simply pointing to where you prefer to go.

Conceal Any component, Regardless of Layer State

It facilitates you to conceal or unhide any component in your model. Either you require to refocus your design discussion, curate a specific viewpoint, or evaluate the MEP system behind your walls, this feature is here to allow ?? layer or no layer!

Superior Section Cutting in Scale Model Mode

Now, one can view the section cuts in Scale Model Mode by arranging a black cap on your section plane. Now, it?s becomes easier to view what and where you?re cutting.

Mute Meeting Participants in Multiuser

A new Mute function is accessible for the host of any Multiuser Meeting. It facilitates the Host to efficiently manage the conversation when there are various guests in the meeting. The host can also mute themselves if their background noise creates problem for participants.

Additional 2.3 Updates

? Superior processing times will facilitate to import new files quickly and with more consistency.
? Navigation in No Headset Mode now facilitates you to check where you're going with a contextual cursor.
? Now only Multiuser Meeting Hosts will have the ability to Bring Alongparticipants.

Go through the following video tutorial, to get more updates about Prospect 2.3.

Video Source IrisVR

Prospect 2.3 ? The newest Navisworks Plugin