Parametric Skyscraper Designer for sketchup

Parametric Skyscraper Designer is a useful sketchup extension that is used to generate conceptual project and 3d model of skyscraper or even the complete city with a few mouse clicks in parametric manner.

This sketchup extension is compatible with skethup 2017.

This sketchup extension is specifically designed for architects, urban planners, 3d artists and video game graphic designers.

How does it function
1. Generate a shape of the ground floor in SketchUp and opt for the face that illustrates it.

Any type of tool like rectangle, polygon, circle, line or even freehand tool can be applied for this purpose. The final shape should fulfill the following requirements:
? Be horizontal and planar
? Contains only one face
? Does not include holes

2. Open Parametric Skyscraper Designer?. Under sketchup menu, visit "Tools->Parametric Skyscraper Designer. Alternatively one can click on the parametric skyscraper designer icon.

3. Modify the settings and click Generate Skyscraper and the skyscraper is ready to be used.

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Parametric Skyscraper Designer for sketchup