nz_LevelFinder ? The newest sketchup extension

Find Levels (z-values) is created on the basis of any two known points. It is possible to obtain a level among the two points or project from them to obtain that level along the delimited line.

It is mostly suitable for designing ramps as well as determining points and contours inside incomplete surveys etc.

Detect levels (z-values) on the basis of any two known points.

One can get the following :-

A level among any two points that facilitates you to have the following :-

? Locate missing points inside an incomplete survey. (a straight slope among the two points is a fair assumption)
? Draw or complete countour lines
? Detect a certain point on a diagonal line that is of a particular height to your datum point.

A level at the junction of a line and the z-plane at any specified height: It facilitates you to do the following :-

? Design or expand a ramp to attain a set landing arranged at a definite level.
? Find out a point in order that it is possible to expand a line/plane to fit a prearranged height
? Virtually Expand Line (vertically)

All your RL (Relative Levels) to any Datum Point: It facilitates you to document work.

The extension can also be utilized to fix a datum and document all your z-values (relative levels).

The extension can be downloaded from extension warehouse

nz_LevelFinder ? The newest sketchup extension