nz_Gradients&Driveways ? The newest sketchup extension

Natale Zappia has developed nz_Gradients&Driveways. It is the newest sketchup extension that supports SketchUp 2016, SketchUp 2017, SketchUp 2018 as well as Mac OS X and Windows platform.

The plugin is suitable for different industries like Architecture, Construction, Education, Engineering, Heavy Civil, Landscape Architecture, Urban Planning etc.

The plugin is used to define the necessary gradients & transition zones toward your driveways & vehicular access ramps. This extensions help in computing or transforming gradients into falls (1/distance), % grades or .deg. Visually calculate as well as label a grade among any two points.


Facilitates the users to set global requirements in compliance with your Local Authorities
Indicate Local Authorities and Legal Requirements.

Personalize/Override/Elaborate on the CODE settings to meet your specific needs.

This tool can be applied to draw a ramp to the maximum permissible grade.

If the grade surpasses the permissible grade then the tool will automatically compute and draw an appropriate ramp with the necessary transition zones, with reference to CODE and USER settings. Under this situation, it will also relate priorities the Drop(RL) or the Length with regard to your optional preference.

To get more information on this plugin, go through the following link

For more clarification, watch the following video tutorial.

Video Source: Natale Zappia

nz_Gradients&Driveways ? The newest sketchup extension