MeshWrapper Tool 1.0.1 for Sketchup

MeshWrapper Tool is another useful sketchup extension from Cadman. It is compatible with SketchUp 2014, SketchUp 2015, SketchUp 2016, SketchUp 2017, SketchUp 2018, SketchUp 2019.

It offers a series of tools for generating an exterior shell around 3D geometry, streamlining the model and leads to an equally distributed surface mesh around the object.

The Wrap Objects tool provides a consistent grid mesh around an object(s). The dissimilar grid projections belong to each group inside an overall MeshWrapper group. Each grid mesh is formed with a quad faces, and is well suited with quad face tools.

Choose the object(s) to be covered with a mesh. Then fill out the Gridding Options dialog:

the Grid spacing size. If this number belongs to a negative number, the longest dimension of the object(s) will be subdivided with that number to settle the grid size.

the mesh projection style, either all around (surround), Top and Bottom, Front and Back, or Right and Left.

the Shard filter indicates a grid edge multiplier. When the length of an edge goes beyond this multiplier, its triangle will be excluded of the final mesh.

Stitch edges: The subgroups of the mesh are detached from one another, but their perimeter grid cells are modified to sui each other while the Stitch edges variable is fixed to ?yes?.

The Seam Zipper tool stitches the edges of two grid seams collectively, or fills in a 1x grid inside a mesh.

Ensure there exist an edge on each end of the seam opening to transform each end of the seam as a single grid width 'boxed end'. A boxed end is when an edge contains faces entirely encircling it on one side.

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Choose the ?box ends? of the seam and the Seam zipper tool stitches the grid seams jointly.

The Reverse group faces tool reverses all faces inside a selected group.

If a seam from Seam Zipper is facing inside out, reverse it with the ?Reverse group faces? tool. Then rupture the seam group and it merges into the encompassing mesh.

The Diagonals to quads tool converts pairs of triangles into a quad face (four sided face). Choose the common edge among the triangles, (or multiple diagonals) and the tool will convert them into quad faces.

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MeshWrapper Tool 1.0.1 for Sketchup