MapSpacer ? Plan Your Space Better Virtually

SketchUp goes beyond any limit to provide the maximum benefits to the designers and artists. Extensions are introduced to venture into the unexplored areas proficiently. MapSpacer is such an extension that helps event planners and organizers map an event space properly.

The preloaded features in the extension cover every area required your consideration while planning a grand event in a large space.

The regular scenario presents that planners and event organizers face certain problems related to the space distribution for speakers, product demonstration and foot traffics. A few conventional software applications serve the interest but not as precisely as MapSpacer does. With Atlas3D, planners and event organizers handle the task in a better way adopting the best possible routes to organize things. They can even go on a 3D tour in the space and witness the plan like never before. Modifying spaces according to your needs is not a tough task as you can change everything prior to the settings. The spaces for booths, kiosks, stages and seating can also be mapped out easily with this software application.

Data managers have to perform their roles attentively to make the design effective that follows physical security as well as the cooling configuration. MapSpace is a place that requires the work of both event managers and IT professionals to carve out a better plan for any event.

Modification can be done several times until the plan works as per the expectation. This application brings the design to live for communicating better with clients. They not only visualize the space but also walk through virtually to analyze every corner just like they do in real world.

The application is widely used in the areas like a convention centre, data centre or hotel meeting space. The application of this software is done by Orange Country Convention Centre, a seven million square foot convention centre in Florida. The centre has been known as the world?s largest and most high-tech centre that gives spaces for more 200 events every year. OCCC has digitalized the space through Atlast 3D interactive map platform that helps planners and organizers access to the place remotely to arrange events.

This new area seems profitable for the organizers and for the event planning industry. Since MapSpacer virtually presents the space to you, a better event planning is no longer a tough task.

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MapSpacer ? Plan Your Space Better Virtually