LUMINGS (1.2.182c) for Sketchup

Lumings belong to a video projection design tool that facilitates video mapping study. Besides, it can be used for the design and 3D modeling application in Sketchup. Lumings is compatible with SketchUp 2017, SketchUp 2018, SketchUp 2019.

It?s main objective is to simulate in the most naturalistic for the technical rendering side of video mapping.

Lumings expansively incorporates the technical characteristics of all prevailing professional projectors. Lumings obtains, verifies and measure the required data to properly for any set of projectors with the following information:

1. The illuminance
2. Positioning
3. Pixel size
4. Energy consumption
5. The impact of shadows
6. Pixel distortion
7. Heat release ...
8. ... and other features.

With Lumings, it is possible to design complete scenography with correct and models and information before entering the site.

The users can avail a subscription-free version of Lumings. It disallows ?manipulation? of the project, revision of the layout of the projectors, but provides the same visualization possibilities as the complete plug-in.

This sketchup extension is available in extension warehouse

A free version for academic entities is also accessible on request.

To get more details, send mail to

LUMINGS (1.2.182c) for Sketchup