Inventory3D for Excel ? The newest sketchup extension

Inventory3D for Excel is a useful sketchup extension that is compatible with SketchUp 2014, SketchUp 2015, SketchUp 2016.

Inventory3D for Excel facilitates the users to perorm graphical 3D 'inside-plan' inventory, design, bill-of-materials measurement and facilities maintenance with the use of Excel spreadsheets database.

Along with Inventory3D a sample model functioning with an Excel database and its tutorial are set up under '...SketchUp\Plugins\Luno_Inventory3D\luno_tutorial_example' folder Complete scale application of Inventory3D system incorporates 3D engineering, BOM estimates and mobile operations into corporate ERP, CRM.

Established system application models useful for telecom carriers, tower companies, photovoltaic systems providers, organizers of expo shops, furniture production companies and interior design.

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? Inventory3D extension compatible with Oracle/MS SQL/MySQL/Sybase database integration
? Inventory3D.Mobile application well suited with Android, iOS, Windows Mobile
? Consolidation of Inventory3D system into corporate ERP, CRM and system customization.


Inventory3D is a multi-purpose tool that offers new scopes for floor planning and space management as well as locating more rapidly and more timely examination of ERP assets inside SketchUp. Inventory3D offers an easy to use but strong innovative tool that connects data records from objects indexed in a database to the graphical representation of the mentioned objects in the 3D space of SketchUp.

If you want to view any model in a diverse scenario, just save and export the SketchUp model, then load it up to suitable virtual reality applications, like Google Earth. It is also possible to view the model with Augmented Reality tools in the jobsite or import it to CAD in 2D or 3D.

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