How to generate organic models with Curviloft

This is a nice presentation by Justin Geis. In this sketchup tutorial Justin briefly explains how to use Curviloft for generating organic models in various ways.

Curviloft belongs to an organic modeling extension that is developed by Fredo6. It offers a few diverse functions, but in general, it?s primarily built up to facilitate creating surfaces from lines.

While going to install this extension first time, it will pop up 3 dissimilar options ? loft by spline, loft by path, and skinning.

LOFT BY SPLINE: Loft by spline mainly captures the profile of one shape and extrudes it in order that it turns out to another shape.

As for instance ? while going to draw a hexagon and a 24 sided circle, choose them together, and apply loft by spline, curviloft will produce geometry combining the hexagon and the circle.

Curviloft active will facilitate the users to perceive that there exist a bunch of problematical options ? it?s not as complicated as it appears, and there is lots of trial and error. There exist wide arrays of options to modify the way that the curves are formed and selected by you.

The most vital part of this function is that by clicking on one of the junction areas, a twist can be set, to generate twisting shapes with the loft by spline tool.

LOFT ALONG PATH: It offers the same functionality as the loft by spline tool, but it is possible to dictate the path that the loft pursues.

SKINNING TOOL: The skinning tool produces a skin over a framework of lines. It can be applied to make everything from tensile structures to cool curving shapes.

With this tool, draw a frame, then turn on the tool to draw a skin across it. It appears to perform this by mathematically drawing segments inside objects.

As for instance ? It is possible to draw this series of arcs to the center of a circle, then employ the skinning tool to draw a face along them.

To download Curviloft, click on the following link

How to generate organic models with Curviloft