Gabster Lite 3.4.1 for furniture design in sketchup

Gabster lite is the newest sketchup extension in the extension warehouse. This sketchup extension is compatible with sketchup 2017 and sketchup 2018.

The sketchup users can use this free plugin to design custom furniture in 3D.

There are in excess of 600 components and 300 finishes available for you. Produce environment projects instantly with components that take into account the engineering of the mobile, already being programmed with rules of manufacturing engineering.

Besides, developing the environment, the dynamic component facilitates animation like opening and closing doors, drawers, tilting etc.

Plugin is incorporated with a complete solution for automation and inspection of furniture production.

The extension is available in extension warehouse.

To get online demonstration of the plugin, go through the following video.

Video Source Gabster

Gabster Lite 3.4.1 for furniture design in sketchup