Flux 1.1 for Sketchup

Flux 1.1 for sketchup is a powerful design application that can easily interchange data with other Flux-supported applications like Grasshopper, Dynamo, and Excel. The closet computational designers will be able to leverage the flow, visual programming interface as well as develop parametric workflows which will connect these applications. We?d be remiss not to give a shout-out to our fantastic private beta testers whose feedback improved and polished the plugin into a more robust product.

Given below some exclusive features of the plugin :

Generate Material Schedules and Quantity Takeoffs: Live-link the data in any SketchUp model through Excel for producing schedules of materials and quantity takeoffs which are restored automatically any time if any modification occurs with your model.

Leverage 3D Warehouse and Google Topography: The users can now transmit SketchUp?s 3D warehouse and topography features constantly to other design tools. Convey models or topographical information to any Rhino or Revit atmosphere through Grasshopper and Dynamo plugins, correspondingly.

Combine SketchUp and Revit: Incorporate any Sketchup model into the BIM delivery process by connecting the model directly with Revit. Generate floors and levels smoothly in Revit out of a simple massing model in SketchUp.

Other crucial enhancements contain:

? Interchange nested components with other SketchUp users
? Deal with curves and meshes obtained from Flux in a superior way
? Dynamic conversion of units that facilitate designers to combine in various systems of measurement (e.g. imperial or metric)
? Support for HD screens
? Transmit data sent to or from Flux very quickly

Download the plugin with combined installer and learn about how to get started.

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