FitParts ? A powerful sketchup extension to generate cut list

Slavne has developed FitParts for sketchup. This sketchup extension is compatible with sketchup 2016 and Sketchup 2017. It is an exclusive cut list generator that can be used to create cutting layout. It can produce guillotine-style cut maps on the basis of panel dimensions you possess. It can automatically pull out dimensions out of components and groups, which are chosen presently, in sketchup model.

FitParts will be mostly suitable for woodworking, metal working, glass industry, plastic modeling.

You can adjust the length and width of sheet goods you have beforehand. FitParts extension will utilize the equivalent sheet goods and it sets how many of those it requires for procuring the essential parts. Then it will visually demonstrate in Sketchup each panel along with cut lines, dimensions and serial numbers of parts. The full report is acquired with legend describing each part serial number.

Methods step-by-step

1. Draw the model in Sketchup. Create groups and/or component instances for each desirable part to come into the cut list. Note: please apply normal method in sketchup at the time of drawing your model and do not give up un-grouped elements (faces, lines, etc) in the model as the FitParts drawing could mingle with your prevailing cluttered ungrouped elements. Besides, don't place them in x0y positive quadrant where your plans will be sketched.

2. Opt for the groups and components to be used for cut list. FitParts Pro contains the significant validation option to provide you an idea on what has been chosen in an improper way and what should be rectified if required.

3. Extensions / FitParts / MakeCutlist will display you the dialog where appropriate panel size is listed. Click the Cut button to produce the plans for cutting.

In order to download the plugin, click on the following link. FitParts

FitParts ? A powerful sketchup extension to generate cut list