Face Cutter 2.1 for Sketchup

Neil B. has developed Face Cutter for sketchup. This newest sketchup extension is compatible with SketchUp 2015, SketchUp 2016 as well as windows platform.

This tool is very useful while positioning a gluing component to multiple faces. All faces equivalent to the z axis of the component are cutout, along with interior of wall.

Faces are only cut according to the depth of the component. As for instance, a window containing a 6" jamb, would cut the interior face of a 6" wall, whereas a window containing a 4" jamb does not perform the task. If dynamic components are edited by modifying Component Options, the faces should be 'recut' according to the modifications in componet size or shape.

This tool also performs well while nesting components within the components or groups. This version is unable to cut faces which contain a diverse parent than the component. As for instance, a face in a different group than the component. There is auto mode option to cut faces automatically if hole cutting components are included.

Link for download

Face Cutter 2.1 for sketchup
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