An exclusive Sketchup Plugin : 2017 GLASER STX DEMO

We are at the fag end of the year 2016. So get prepare for the new things to welcome along with New Year 2017. Here we are providing a good resource for sketchup 2017. This is generally a plugin which is called 2017 Glaser STX Demo.

STX is an acronym of Section Tool eXtended which allows you to produce easy sections with individual depth without any conflict and differentiates between visible, cut and hidden elements. Sections can be exported as DXF or GLASER -isb cad-.

GLASER STX suggests the definition of any cut depth, offers handy functions for individual treatment of the section drawings and develops the export to GLASER isb cad or into the DXF-format.

Easily define any section planes with individual cutting depths and transfer them to GLASER isb cad . Together with SketchUp Pro you can even use the world of BIM data (IFC) for further editing.


  • Preparing limitless sections in X-, Y- or Z-directions
  • Specifying singular section depths instantly in the 3D-model
  • Preview with group and layer range
  • Relocation of section drawings directly to GLASER -isb cad
  • Export of section drawings to DXF-File

To get more information and download link, go through the following link

An exclusive Sketchup Plugin : 2017 GLASER STX DEMO
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