Eneroth Component Replacer for SketchUp

Eneroth Component Replacer is the newest sketchup extension. It is used to quickly pick up any component or group and substitute others with it.

This plugin is ideal for architectural design when it is essential to substitute various components simultaneously. As for instance, test how the building will appear with another type of windows or to rapidly interchange numerous furniture. It can also be used for rendering to substitute proxies by more detailed components.

It is possible to choose a source component in one drawing context, turn off the tool and navigate to another drawing context, and after that substitute components there with your formerly selected source. In order to choose a new source whenever required, just press Alt.

By default the substituted components retain their axes (placement and scaling). As for example, a big table substituting a small table will contain the size of the big table. As an alternative, one can choose to maintain the bounds, i.e. size up the replacement to fit what it replaces, with tapping Tab.

One can run this plugin from Extensions > Eneroth Component Replacer or the toolbar.

Modifier keys:

Alt/Command = Select new source to substitute.
Ctrl/Option = Substitute all equivalent components in active context.
Shift = Substitute all equivalent components throughout model.
Tab = Toggle keep bounds.

To download the plugin, click on the following link

Eneroth Component Replacer for SketchUp