Download Havok@SketchUp 2.0.0

AMC Bridge has developed Havok@SketchUp, an exclusive sketchup add-in that facilitates the users to export any 3D model geometry from SketchUp to Havok physics engine to create simulation of dynamics of rigid bodies in real time along with collision detection, walk-through/fly-through inside the 3D model environment that has been designed in SketchUp.

This sketchup add-in is compatible with SketchUp 2016, SketchUp 2017.

The add-in offers the following functionalities :

? Import of 3D model geometry containing materials and textures from SketchUp;
? Walk through within 3D models similar to a first person 3D game environment;
? Flying around the 3D models;
? Video recording;
? Inserting text labels to the locations of interest as well as exporting them into SketchUp;
? Fine-tuning light source settings;
? Gesture-based control with Intel?RealSense? camera.

Link for download


Download Havok@SketchUp 2.0.0
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