Containerhouse.AI ? Container Interior Arrangement in SketchUp

Containerhouse.AI is designed particularly to change an interior setting and other spaces in a shipping container.

This extension is developed to import component and automate their arrangements. It mainly changes the container floor plans to accommodate the spaces for components.

The selling and designing ISO standard containers make ways for such extension. To solve the existing problem related to accommodation and customers? queries regarding spaces of a container, this extension has been developed that presents thousands of potential layouts without crowding spaces.

Cargo packing is another name that does the similar work. It comes up with space management features in a container. The random floor height option allows you to opt for the containerization where collections of boxes are packed to minimize the space.

It changes the interior of a shipping container in a comprehensive way and the application does the work faster than humans can do. Interior designers also appreciate the theme and the performance of the application.

You can easily get different floor plans in a second which is not possible by human resource team. The complete drawing of the space arrangement will be conducted in front of your clients and they will definitely enjoy the visuals just like a game where components find out their spaces.

This product updates with time and offers valuable services to the shipping department. This artificial intelligence presented by the extension will prove beneficial in this sector.

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Containerhouse.AI ? Container Interior Arrangement in SketchUp