BoxUp XYZ 1.3.0 for sketchup

BoxUp XYZ is the newest sketchup plugin that is well matched with SketchUp 2017, SketchUp 2018, SketchUp 2019. It is only compatible with windows platform.

BoxUp expands Sketchup Dynamic Components with Dynamic Materials, Costing, Lists and includes 14 new dynamic functions. It will be very effective while working with sheet/profile based modular systems like; Kitchens, Office furniture, Shelving, Wardrobes, Aluminium profile systems and so on.

Sheet based materials range from MDF, Plywood, Glass, Acrylics - any sheet based system.

Linear based materials like Aluminium profiles, Edgeband, gaskets - any profile based system.

Create your own collection of components or make collections for a client. BoxUp Pro comprises of a wide array of collection of dynamic components for kitchen design. It can be applied as reference, as a base to build your own.

The plugin includes 14 new functions to Dynamic Component, that allows and streamlines the process for creating more complicated component collections.

Go through the following video tutorial for online demonstration of the plugin.

Video Source: BoxUp extension for Sketchup

BoxUp XYZ 1.3.0 for sketchup