BoxUp XYZ ? A new extension in extension warehouse

BoxUp XYZ is the newest sketchup extension that is compatible with sketchup 2017 and sketchup 2018.

BoxUp expands Sketchup Dynamic Components with Dynamic Materials, Costing, Lists. It is very effective while dealing with sheet/profile based modular systems like; Kitchens, Office furniture, Shelving, Wardrobes, Aluminum profile systems and so on.

Sheet based materials may range from MDF, Plywood, Glass, Acrylics - any sheet based system.

Linear based materials like Aluminium profiles, Edgeband, gaskets - any profile based system.

It is possible to create your own collection of components or collections for a client. BoxUp Pro comprises of a wide range of dynamic components for kitchen design. It can be applied as reference, as a base to make your own, or utilize it as is.

Attribute manager: Establish attributes values for selected components - only changed attributes are revised. Swap components, select from a list of components in the collection to substitute the component(Pro only).

Material manager: The Material Manager applies 'Tags' to connect Sketchup materials and individual faces. Modify materials for selected components with the selected face tag.

Lists: It contains cutting list for sheet materials and linear materials as well as hardware list for components, list for edgebanding, project overview list. All lists are copied/pasted to spreadsheet or text editor(Pro only).

Pricing(Pro only): BoxUp Pro computes the cost and sales prices on the basis of sheet/profile/component costs. Costs are globally sustained. It is also possible to include labor cost to you components.

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BoxUp XYZ ? A new extension in extension warehouse