Bezier Surfaces from Curves ? The newest sketchup extension

Jacob Samuel has developed Bezier Surfaces from Curves. It is the newest sketchup extension that is compatible with SketchUp 2015, SketchUp 2016, SketchUp 2017.

The extension is used to generate and edit different types of Bezier surfaces out of Bezier curves, arcs, circles and lines.

This extension includes a toolbar and items to the Draw as well as Right Mouse Button Context menus with tools to produce Ruled Rectangle, Translational Rectangle, Coons Rectangle, Ruled Triangle and Coons Triangle rational Bezier surfaces out of bounding non-rational and rational Bezier curves, arcs, circles and lines.

The types of surfaces to be produced (availability of the tools) are based on the number of curves chosen and provided that they allocate common endpoints.

As soon as the surface is generated, the tools will assign you into the editing tool for the surface drawn afresh. If required, the surface is edited according to your choice by shifting the points or lines of the resultant control net or modifying the "weights" of the control points.

Inferencing can be accessed if a control point or line is shifted along with inference locking with the Shift key. If you press the Esc key throughout a move, the surface will be reset to the way it was prior to the starting of move./p>

With the purpose of modifying the weight of a non-end control point, hover the cursor over the control point for which the weight should be altered in order that it is featured in green, put the new weight you prefer for it, devoid of moving the cursor ahead of the control point, and press enter or return to affect the shape of the surface.

Afterward, choosing an obtainable Bezier surface drawn/edited with these tools and applying Edit Rational Bezier Surface or Edit Bezier Triangle in the Right Mouse Button Context menu will also activate the editing tool for the chosen surface.

Download the plugin from extension warehouse

Bezier Surfaces from Curves ? The newest sketchup extension