Auto Magic Dimensions ? The newest sketchup plugin from Brighter 3D

Brighter 3D has developed Auto Magic Dimensions for sketchup. This sketchup extension supports SketchUp 2016, SketchUp 2017.

One can use this plugin to include dimensions to any drawing with a simple mouse click without any difficulty.

This sketchup plugin can accelerate your work flow by assigning dimensions to raw geometry or Groups and Components. The dimensions are included with the layer automatically which are arranged with while clicking on a button. It facilitates the users to switch off layer at the time of observing their drawing with multiple dimensions displaying.

The plugin contains various in-built advanced unseen features. As for instance, the offset of the dimensions can be fixed in the settings option. This is an exclusive feature because the sketchup users will not be able to perform this with sketchup native tool. Dimensions are included with multiple groups as well as gaps among groups with a simple mouse click. As for instance, a run of kitchen cabinets is chosen and with one click all the sizes show automatically.

The dimension in 3D space can be easily moved and if you need the sizes demonstrated on the back of an object rather than the front, just retain a modifier Key.

Download a 14-days free trial version.

Auto Magic Dimensions ? The newest sketchup plugin from Brighter 3D