Attribute Inspector 1.1, an exclusive sketchup plugin

It is a viewer for entity and model attributes. Attributes in SketchUp stand for supplimentary pieces of information which can be preserved with any entity like groups, components, scenes. As for instance, one can preserve a part number, unit price, weight or notes with an entity and read or change that information afterward. All attributes are contained in SketchUp's report feature.

It is a bidirectional communication system among JavaScript and the Ruby environment.

The purpose of this inspector is to retain the user interface small and very organized: Similar to SketchUp's inspector dialogs, it facilitates the users to choose one or more entities and displays their attributes. By editing the text fields, modifications can be done instantly to the entities.

Application: (Menu) Window ? Attribute Inspector

The dialog demonstrates the attribute dictionaries of the drawing elements which are chosen currently. Another component can be chosen with the help of SketchUp's selection tool.

Press the +, ? buttons on the left side to include or eliminate a attribute dictionary, and press +, ? on the right side to include or eliminate an attribute.

To choose other types of entities, select the type from the dropdown and perform the following activities:

Drawing elements: Apply SketchUp's selection tool to choose one or more drawing elements in the model (edges, faces, groups.)

Definitions: Apply SketchUp's selection tool to select components/groups/images

Materials: By applying the materials browser and select a material. Attribute Editor will demonstrate the present material (could be not compatible with OS X because of API bug).

Layers: Apply the layer manager and verify the radio button of the layer.

Scenes: use the scenes manager and double-click the scene (to make it the current scene).

This sketchup plug can be accessed from the extension warehouse.

Attribute Inspector 1.1, an exclusive sketchup plugin