Download AB3D Plugin for SketchUp

AB3DLabs has developed AB3D plugin for sketchup. This plugin can transform any two or more 2D drawings, demonstrating various views of a 3D model, into an accurate 3D model with the help of special attributes that it contains devoid of missing dimensions or either the 2D drawings match/fit one another. The plugin can easily & rapidly convert any unclear design concepts into professional 3D models.

This feature provides great advantages toward both the 3D modeling and 3D printing industries, whether for individual users or professional firms or companies.

AB3DPlugin for SketchUp contains a very user-friendly interface that facilitates the designer to imagine in 2D and integrate his 2D projections into a 3D new model, thus extending the scopes for imagination and creativity in design.

The plugin is compatible with SketchUp2015, 2016 and 2017 versions.

To download the latest version, click on the following link AB3D Plugin for SketchUp

Download AB3D Plugin for SketchUp