Download 3D Printing Extension for SketchUp

T3YOURMIND has developed 3D Printing Extension for sketchup. This sketchup can be used to make the best use of your Sketchup model for 3D Printing, analyse & modify printability, compare prices and terms of the best printing services and select from in excess of 150 printing materials. Besides, it is also possible to upload it with a single mouse click to the 3YOURMIND portal.

Prior to give order for your model with the 3D printing service following your preference, the portal is considered as an ideal tool to

? rectify the most common 3D printing errors
? Verify whether your design is printable
? Choose and preview from more than 150 various materials and finishes
? Alternatively, download the restored and optimized file for your own printer

This extension is completely free and does not contain any hidden costs. To gather more information, visit

In order to run this plugin, Sketchup STL ( is required.

To download this plugin, click on the following link.

Download 3D Printing Extension for SketchUp