2DXY SlickMoves for SketchUp

Barry Milliken has developed 2DXY SlickMoves for sketchup. The extension is compatible with SketchUp 2016, SketchUp 2017. This sketchup extension contains 14 powerful tools of 2D graphics which are useful for any plane in 3D shape. Besides, these tools can be used to manage components and groups efficiently.

This extension offers the following features which are associated with power tools :-

? Rotate about Z axis by any angle (2 tools)
? Mirror about center X or Y (2)
? Resize (absolute or incremental) (1)
? Align (Left, Center, Right; Top, Middle, Bottom) (6)
? Equal Space (between objects or between their centers) (2)
? Display the Active Plane and XY Axes on any group or component. (1)


? Choose one or more OBJECTS (Component Instances and/or Groups)
? Click on one of the 14 SlickMoves tools.
? All selected Objects will be "moved" with a single click

To download this extension, click on the following link.

2DXY SlickMoves for SketchUp